How Do I Cancel or Change a Reservation I Have Already Made? 

How do I cancel or change a reservation I have already made?


You may cancel or change your reservation online using your first name, last name, and reservation confirmation number or credit card number. Your details will be sent securely.

Some reservations may not be retrievable online. If you have problems retrieving your reservation, please contact us.


If I cancel or change my reservation, will I get a refund or credit? Will I have to pay any fees?


Cancellation and deposit policies vary by the hotel and confirmed rate. The policies regarding your specific reservation are provided at the time the reservation is made. They are also provided in online, email, written and faxed confirmations.

Please contact us to receive additional information regarding your reservation.


Will I be charged a night's stay if I arrive late or miss my arrival date?


Reservations that have been guaranteed with a credit card and/or deposit are held for you until arrival. If you do not arrive at the hotel on your scheduled arrival date, cancellation policies will apply.

Please contact us for additional information about your reservation.